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International Toll Free Numbers International Toll Free Number Provide your business with cost-effective access to the global marketplace. Boost sales and send your customers a powerful message that you care about their business.

Toll Free forwarding service gives a small business a very large presence and a large business more personalized customer service.

Alliance Domestic and International Toll Free Forwarding Service offers customers unique opportunity to acquire toll free phone numbers from over 150 countries worldwide. Calls to your toll free number can be forwarded to any phone number you choose (business, home, mobile, etc.) anywhere in the world.

Alliance International Toll Free Forwarding Rates

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Worldwide Call Forwarding - Expand Your Customer Base

Stay connected, globally. By using toll free phone numbers combined with Call Forwarding, you can establish a business presence in over 150 countries, without the brick & mortar. We have toll free numbers available worldwide that will provide access for customers around the globe to reach your business, wherever you are. With Call Forwarding, customers call a toll free number from their country, and the call is routed to your office, home or mobile phone.

Alliance is one of the few providers offering toll-free numbers to companies outside the United States. We can provide our customers with a major competitive advantage. Alliance offers great rates, exceptional service, simple billing and quality connection.

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Toll Free Forwarding Features and Advantages

Alliance Domestic and International Toll Free Forwarding Service will:
  • Improve communications with associates 
  • Attract new customers 
  • Reduce overseas employee communications costs 
  • Improve your competitive edge 
  • Increase your customer loyalty 
  • Improve your advertising results 
  • Expand your market reach internationally 
  • Track promotional response and effectiveness 
  • Compete in the International Arena 
  • Improve Your Customer Service 
  • Increase Your Sales 

Multiple Simultaneous Call Handling (Free)
This feature allows you to forward multiple calls simultaneously to the same phone number. It is a free feature for those customers who have a PBX or hunt group and can receive multiple calls at the same phone number.

Flexible Forwarding / Easily Change Your Forwarding Number
The calls can be forwarded to a fixed phone, cell phone, or voip phone in any country! You can change your forwarding phone number anytime on the Internet or by phone when you travel. You can configure Time-of-Day Call Routing, which directs incoming calls to different phone numbers based on the time of day. You can also have several international toll free numbers with Alliance.

Low Rates, High Quality Connections
Benefit from low rates while enjoying high quality connections! Alliance utilizes digital network switches and fiber-optic lines provided by major international tier 1 carriers in assuring the clarity and reliability of all connections and voice transmission.

No Charge for Incomplete, Unanswered or Busy Calls
There are no connection fees or charges for incomplete, unanswered or busy calls!

Account Management / Free Monthly Statements
Easy on-line account management with many convenient features. You can view your monthly statements online anytime. Monthly statements include Call Detail Reports documenting the forwarding number, time and date, call duration, and the cost of call.

Additional Information:

When you sign up for Alliance Domestic or International Toll Free Service, you will receive an unique Toll Free Number assigned only for your personal account. You can have a toll free number from over 150 countries. When your toll free number is dialed (by a customer, colleague, relative or friend), the call will be automatically forwarded to your phone number, through our telecommunications network, wherever you are in the world!

Business use: Is your company seeking global expansion? Do you have products or services to offer customers in different countries? Alliance International Toll-Free Numbers allow you to set up a local presence on an international scale. Support international customers and employees without the added expense of setting up local offices. International Toll-Free numbers also allow you to support your employees with toll-free access to your offices, network and voice mail.

Click here to learn about the many advantages of international toll free numbers and how Alliance helps companies like yours everyday.

Personal use: Allow family and friends to contact you anytime anywhere with one toll free number. If you travel domestically or to different countries on a regular basis, toll free call forwarding is what you need. The Alliance Toll Free forwarding service allows you to give your family and friends a personalized toll free number where they can call and reach you anytime, at no charge to them, regardless of what country you might be in today.

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The Alliance Advantage

Alliance offers the lowest rates for international toll free numbers with an extensive network of carriers around the world. We do not charge any sign up fees. If you have an existing toll-free number, we can also transfer the number free of charge.

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Customers in more than 100 countries rely on Alliance. Trusted by some of the worlds most recognized companies and organizations. Voted #1 in Customer Service and Support! 

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