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How can Alliance Domestic and International Toll Free help my business?

Toll-free calling is a great competitive advantage for businesses. It has evolved into being a business necessity in many industries because customers have come to expect it. With Alliance Domestic and International Toll Free we service many types of business from Call Centers to Travel industry. We also service many international organizations, governments and embassies. Below are some examples of customers we offer toll free services to:

Introduction  Call Center Outsourcing Business Consulting
Conference Calling Financial Services Freight Forwarding
Government IT Services Manufacturing
Marketing/Advertising Network Marketing Online Retail
Pharmaceutical Trials Software Publishing & Distribution Travel

Call Center Outsourcing
We service some of the largest Call Center Operators, and BPO firms in the world. We offer simultaneous call handling capability, which we measure in thousands of calls. Furthermore, we can scale our hardware capabilities upward from there to meet the needs of even the most demanding call center.

Business Consulting
Are you an independent business consultant, or part of a consulting firm? We serve many customers like you, right now. Review our features, including our quick activation of new numbers. In conjunction with our very attractive pricing.

Conference Calling/Web Conferencing
Are you a vendor of conference calling services, or web conferencing? If so, you should immediately see the opportunities that our innovative services offer to your business. With every passing month, more business is conducted globally, and the conferencing needs of these businesses grows commensurately. We know that your business is driven by the volume of minutes routed through your systems. Further, we know from direct firsthand experience, that as you add coverage for additional countries into your offering, your revenues will flourish. Numerous conference calling / web conferencing providers from around the globe have relied on us over the years. In fact, some of them are our most dedicated customers. We look forward to adding you to these satisfied ranks.

Financial Services
Is your company part of the global financial services industry? We believe you will find many of the same attractive benefits that our satisfied financial services customers now enjoy. These include the ability to reach your disparate customer base at attractive rates, and provide them the world-class service your business is known for. Whether it's banking, debt management, or investments, we have seen and dealt with your specific needs before. In fact, we continue to serve satisfied customers from all corners of the financial services industry.

Freight Forwarding
Are you part of the international freight forwarding industry? If you are, then communicating with customers, and vendors around the world along various freight routes is vital. One of the aspects of our service offering that you may find most appealing, is our vast selection of countries in inventory, available for immediate activation.

Whether you're part of a government agency, embassy, a political campaign, or a service provider to government, you know that reliability top priority. Your international calling systems need to work, period. Ours will, period. We're currently serving organizations from all of the aforementioned government categories, and we know how to succeed in this market segment.

IT Services
If you work in the IT services industry, then it's no mystery to you that fancy features are great, but the thing that will keep you awake at nights (literally), is reliability. We have constructed our network to some of the highest standards in the industry. If our satisfied IT customers aren't enough proof, we are willing to offer custom SLAs depending on the needs for your specific application.

If you are in manufacturing, the two most common questions are: 1) How can I better serve my existing customers, and 2) How can I expand the market for my products? We have worked closely with executives asking these questions, and provided them with very appealing solutions to both. With our vast coverage of over 80 countries, and our sophisticated call handling, and routing system, we are confident that we can help you address the two questions above in a way that will bring enduring success to your manufacturing organization, large or small.

Which of my customer's offline campaigns is most effective? How can I justify this media mix? What was the real response rate to that Television ad? If you represent a marketing/advertising agency, then you may be asking yourself these questions, and perhaps even fielding them from your customer, too! The simple fact is that we continue to serve some of the largest advertising customers in the world in their unending quest to better manage their ad spend, and analyze their performance. For example, we have a current customer with world wide toll free coverage on their account which they distribute via their various advertising channels. These numbers, which cover a large swath of the populated world, are used for their different advertisements, in their active markets.

Network Marketing
In addition to being a very appealing service to sell, our service is becoming an essential tool for many of the world's highest performing marketers. This is because we allow regional managers, and distributors to communicate across vast geographic regions, in ways that were previously cost prohibitive. We offer this while maintaining a level of reliability and call quality that Internet-only applications such as Skype, or Yahoo, simply cannot offer at any price.

Online Retail
Have you ever looked at the geographic sources of the traffic to your E-tail Website? If you're anything like our existing customer base of online retailers, you'll notice a surprising pattern, growing numbers of Website visitors from countries outside your own. Many times, the international total represents over 1/5 of your total visitors! Now, many of these Website visitors are interested buyers in your products. However, did you know that the average consumer is 8 times more likely to dial an "in-country" toll free phone number as compared to an international phone number? Given the data presented above, you can easily calculate the benefit to your business if you provide "in-country" toll free phone numbers for your site visitors to call your sales teams on.

Pharmaceutical Trials
Join ranks with the many satisfied Alliance Toll Free customers in various parts of the pharmaceutical trials industry. For our existing customers in this market, we facilitate the critical conference calls, and faxes, between their central centers, and the hospitals and physicians participating in their programs. Our service can dramatically expand and improve your service level to your valued customers.

Software Publishing and Distribution
As you know, if you represent a software publisher or distributer, the international market for your products is exploding. You must expand your global coverage so that your prospective customers can easily call you. Did you know that the average person is 8 times more likely to dial an "in-country" toll free phone number than an international one? Don't allow your sales growth, and customer satisfaction be limited by your virtual phone presence. Within minutes, we can expand your coverage to more than 80 countries!

Do you represent a company operating in the travel industry? Whether your with an international airline, a hotel/resort chain, or an Online Travel Agent, it's essential that you use all of the technological tools at your disposal. We have witnessed, first hand, the benefits that our international toll free numbers offer to businesses in your market. For example, we have watched as an Online Travel Agent boosted their sales by 50% in just 10 weeks.

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