Save on international calling now with international callback, virtual calling cards, toll free numbers, and more Alliance Callback Communications - High quality international calling with low rates.

Best Travel Companion, Use our toll free or local access numbers when traveling in over 65 countries for easy international calling with low rates.
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International Direct Dial Virtual Calling Card With No Fees.
Call From 80 Countries. Available to All Alliance Customers.

The Best Travel Companion. Use our toll-free or local access numbers when traveling in over 80 countries for easy international calling with low rates. Do you travel frequently and make lots of international calls? Our Direct Dial/Virtual Calling Card will give you what you want: Easy worldwide access, low rates, high quality connections!

Corporate calling cards available with no fees. Alliance Virtual Calling Card is an easy-to-manage international calling service designed to help businesses cut costs and to be easy for employees to use. Whether your company is large or small, Alliance offers the tools you and your employees need to save on international calls.

  • Pay only for what you use.
  • Call from anywhere you have a phone no Wi-Fi or PC required.
  • Easy to get started and easy to use no need to change your existing phone carrier.
  • Pinless Calling available.
  • no per-user charges, no connection fees and no contracts required.
  • See all international calls on a single online statement.
  • Alliance international toll free numbers work from all phones, landlines, mobile, and payphones.

    Alliance customers can make direct dial calls from any country listed in the chart below.

    Contact Alliance Customer Service for a complete list of direct dial numbers from all countries.
    Antigua Finland Luxembourg Slovenia
    Australia France Macedonia South Africa
    Austria Germany Malaysia St. Kitts & Nevis
    Bahamas Greece Malta St. Lucia
    Bahrain Guam Mexico St. Vincent
    Barbados Hong Kong Monaco Sweeden
    Belgium Hungary Netherlands Switzerland
    Bermuda Iceland Netherlands Antilles Taiwan
    Bosnia India New Zealand Thailand
    Bulgaria Indonesia Norway Trinidad & Tobago
    Canada Ireland Philippines Turkey
    Cayman Islands Israel Poland Turks & Caicos
    China Italy Puerto Rico Ukraine
    Croatia Jamaica Romania United Kingdom
    Cyprus Japan Russia United States
    Czech Republic Korea Serbia U.S. Virgin Islands
    Denmark Latvia Singapore Vietnam
    Estonia Lithuania Slovak Republic

    SINGLE LEG RATES FOR THE DIRECT DIAL COUNTRIES:  To calculate the rate per minute of your call, add the "DIAL DIRECT" rate assigned to the originating country, to the rate of the country you are calling to as shown on the rate table

    Dialing instructions are as follows: Dial the direct dial number for the country you are calling from; Enter your ALLIANCE PIN NUMBER, then dial your destination number.   All customers can use this service and there are no additional fees. Some rates may even be lower than callback.

    • US and Canada CALLS: 
      (Calls to the US and Canada or numbers in the North American Numbering System - NANS).  Dial 1 + (area code) + local number for the US, Canada, Bermuda and all the Caribbean countries, except the Netherlands Antilles. 
      Dial:  011 + [country code] + (city code) + Local Number for all international calls, except when calling countries within the US Domestic calling area described. 
      Press STAR + STAR (* + *) after each previous call and dial a new number. 
      Place your documents in the fax machine; Change the fax to MANUAL OPERATION and dial your Alliance (800) number + your PIN.  Dial the number you are faxing and press START when you get a fax signal, and hang up.  TO SEND ADDITIONAL FAXES OR TO MAKE A CALL, Enter (* + *) immediately (within 30 seconds) after the completion tone or beep. 
    • RE-DIALING: 
      Press (* + *) to get a new voice prompt, then (* + #) for the menu, then press (2). 
    • The REDIAL function, #99 will automatically redial the last number dialed. 
      Enter pound (#) key plus a two-digit, speed-dial slot number (01 to 99). 
      (For Manual and Speed Dialing) Entering (#) after dialing speeds connection; Entering ( # + #) before hanging up speeds disconnection. 
      Internet access is available from all countries with direct dial numbers. To calculate the rate per minute add $0.02 plus the direct dial rate of the country you are calling from listed above. Please see our internet access page for dial-up instructions. 



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