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Vietnam Toll Free Numbers

Vietnam Toll Free Numbers are available for immediate activation. Get your Vietnam number now and start receiving calls today.

Vietnam Toll Free Numbers start with 120 11 followed by three digits. The International Toll Free Service (ITFS) format is:

  • 120 11 XXX

A Vietnam toll free number might be the ideal means for increasing your business in Vietnam. Toll free numbers are free for new and existing customers to call and can be diverted to any landline, cell phone or IP address. By utilizing a toll free number your business can establish a presence in Vietnam without going to the expense of opening and staffing an office in the country. Also, Vietnam toll free numbers have NO SET UP FEEs.


Vietnam toll free numbers are accessible from landline and mobile networks.

Facts About Vietnam

Vietnam is located in the southern & eastern hemispheres and is officially named the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. It is bordered by Laos, China and Cambodia.

The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi located at 15.4549° N, 106.5760° E. The largest city is Ho Chi Minh City. In Vietnam, the climate tends to vary considerably from place to place; Dry winters; seasonal variations in the mountains and plateaus.

Calling and Doing Business in Vietnam

The official language is Vietnamese.

Vietnam uses the Vietnamese Dong as its official currency.

The time zone for Vietnam UTC/GMT +7 hours.

There are significant business centers in the large cities including Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Haiphong, Danang, Bien Hoa.

In Vietnam the most common date format is dd/mm/yyyy.

The population of Vietnam is 88 million .

Vietnam toll free numbers are international toll free phone numbers (ITFS) that your customers can use to call you toll free. Their calls forward to your office, any land line, or your mobile number.

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