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Internet Access
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Internet Access available from all countries with direct dial.

Get Online with Alliance! Connect to the Internet using our Alliance Dial Up service. Just follow the instructions below.

Instructions for modem dial up connection.
1. Set up your Dial Up Networking configuration.
Click on the Start Button
Go to Programs
Go to Accessories/Communications
Go to Network Connections
2. Click on Create a new connection
3. Name the new phonebook entry: Alliance
4. Click Next
5. Click on the box to the left of "I am calling the Internet"
6. Enter your Direct Dial Number then four commas then your PIN Number
then four commas then 999999#. Each comma is equal to a pause of one
half second. The time to connect to the switch may vary from different
locations. You can add one more comma or remove one comma as appropriate.
Here is an example if dialing from the US:
18009628880,,,,PIN Number,,,,999999#
7. Click Next
8. Click Finish
9. Click Dial
10. Your modem should now dial into the Alliance System, enter your
PIN number, and connect to the Internet Service provider.
11. You will be asked to provide a USER NAME and PASSWORD.

PASSWORD: www999

12. To send e-mail you will have to change your outgoing mail server
setting in your e-mail application settings. Please contact us for the
outgoing mail server information.
Contact support for outgoing mail server information.

13. Internet access is available from any country we have direct dial numbers:
The United States, Canada, and all the countries on our direct dial list.
There is no extra charge for internet access. Rates applicable are the
same as calling the US from the country you are in.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us. You may submit a
customer service request through our website at Alliance Customer Service
or phone us at: [1] (212) 838-1235
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