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Alliance International Callback Service

Alliance International Callback Service offers lowest prices and best quality international calls. Use from ANY land line, mobile, or fax phone in the world. Use Alliance callback service to reduce expensive mobile phone bills drastically. Access low discount rates and exceptional quality call connections from your overseas residence, office or home. Perfect cost-saving solution for International businesses around the world. These are just a few of the many advantages of callback service. If you want to make international calls at extremely low rates from any country in the world, then our International Callback service is the perfect option for you!

How Alliance Callback Service Works
Each Alliance Callback customer is given a personal Access Number that is used to initiate a callback session. Dial the Access number, let it ring once, and hang up. You are not charged for the incomplete call. In seconds, the Alliance switching center calls your phone number back and you will hear a prompt to dial the destination number. Make as many calls as you wish. It's that Easy. If necessary, the service may be programmed to ask for a customer by name and extension number, a useful feature for hotel guests and calling from the office. Many Alliance customers use more than one Access Number for their long distance needs. They may have a Standard Access Number at home, a Personalized Access Number at work to navigate a switchboard, one for a Mobile Phone, and another Access Number for traveling.

Quality and Reliability
Alliance service allows businesses and individuals to benefit from the most innovative communications technology from within countries where such service is otherwise unavailable. Alliance Callback utilizes digital network switches and fiber-optic lines provided by major international carriers in assuring the clarity and reliability of voice, fax, and data transmission.

Convenience and Availability
Alliance works with all existing telephones and may be used from home, office, hotel room, or cellular phone. Alliance Callback is accessible from any country and may be used to call any country. Requirements include a touch-tone phone or mobile phone.

24-Hour Customer Support
Dedicated to providing superior customer support, Alliance Callback staffs the most efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly Customer Care department in the industry.

Language Options
Alliance offers the flexibility of voice prompts in most languages. Alliance Callback account maintenance messages and triggering prompts may be requested in the language the customer prefers.

Monthly Statements
Alliance customers receive a monthly statement by email with call details for each Access number. Call details include the time and date of call, destination number, call duration, and cost of call.

Alliance Callback can save customers more than 60% over local telephone company rates, 80-90% over hotel rates, and 75% over AT&T USA Direct(tm) rates. The same low rates apply 24-hours a day. Calls are billed in 6 second increments. To calculate rates, please see our rates page.

Credit Limits
For customer convenience, each account (and access number) has a monthly credit limit determined by the customer. Customers may change the monthly limit at any time.

Payment Options
Most Alliance customers pay by Credit or Debit card with no required deposit. A customer credit card will be charged once a month with a monthly itemized statement emailed directly to the customer. Alliance Callback accepts Visa, Master Card, and American Express.
Although credit card is the most popular method of payment, you may pre-pay for Alliance Callback services. Alliance Callback accepts bank transfers and checks in U.S. dollars. Alliance Callback suggests that customers prepay twice the estimated monthly usage as service will be deactivated upon reaching the prepayment limit for prepaid accounts only.

Features and Benefits

  • Travelers can use this Callback service from their hotel room! Travelers are able to record a greeting that will allow the operator to transfer the call to the appropriate room or office. 
  • Change your callback number at any time, either on the Internet or using our Interactive Voice Response system. Changes are effective immediately. 
  • Use it from any phone! The callback service can be used from a fixed phone or a mobile phone to save when placing international long distance calls. 
  • Speed dials can be used for a faster connection to the most frequently dialed numbers. 
  • Make multiple calls once the callback is received without having to dial the access number again. 
  • Benefit from low international calling rates while enjoying high quality connections! 
  • There are no monthly fees, connection fees, or charges for incomplete or busy calls! 
  • We offer easy payment options. We can debit your monthly usage from your preferred credit card or you can pre-pay your account every month, it's your choice! 
  • You receive a monthly statement by e-mail with call details at no additional charge! 
  • We offer excellent customer service! As an Alliance customer, you will receive individual attention from our trained and qualified staff. 
  • You will have access to an account management online feature for easy handling of many convenient features! 
  • Signing up for the service is easy and there is no contract and no commitment! 
  • Never worry about a missed call. If you miss your callback, you will not be charged. Simply call the access number again at no charge. 

Start Saving with Alliance Callback. Sign up Now!

To join our service, simply complete the on-line application or fax it to Alliance Callback at 1-212-813-2085. Please allow up to 24 hours to process your application.
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